Watch Out For Wildlife Tips

Driver Tip Sheet

From Defenders of Wildlife

This is a summary from an article by the Defenders of Wildlife. We recommend checking out the PDF here for a detailed explanation of of the tips listed below as well as helpful links.

  1. Be particularly alert when driving in wildlife areas
  2. Slow down and increase the following distance between you and other cars
  3. Limit driving in wildlife areas at night
  4. Be especially careful if you are on a motorcycle
  5. Keep up with regular auto maintenance
  6. Think like an animal – be familiar with wildlife behavior
  7.  Don’t litter
  8. Don’t rely on “deer whistles” or other gadgets
  9. What to do if you see wildlife on or near the road
  10. What to do if you hit an animal


Get involved in your local government

  • Attend county commission, zoning or metropolitan planning organization meetings.
  • Vocalize your concern about loss of wildlife habitat to new road construction and urban expansion.

Write to your state transportation agency

  • Express your concern about the rapid loss of wildlife habitat to new road construction and expansion.
  • Encourage them to incorporate wildlife considerations into future transportation planning and the renovation of existing infrastructure.
  • Inquire about their current efforts to reduce the impacts of transportation on wildlife.